Wonderful Journey of The Logisticom 2015

One week has passed since the end of The Logisticom 2015. Let look back at the journey full of joy and challenges of The Logisticom 2015 with us!

The competition kicked off energetically with the recruitment for Ambassadors all across Vietnam. The Logisticom 2015 was proud to have 15 ambassadors, 5 ambassadors representing the active and developing Da Nang City, along with 10 ambassadors from HCMC and Hanoi, to join us in hosting this competition.

Round 1 – ENGAGE (Video Making)
Teams were required to make a video maximum 5 minutes in length about Logistics and Supply Chain. Organizing team was happy to receive a large number of videos from many different teams, not only in Ho Chi Minh City but also in Ha Noi and Da Nang. Mr Axel Marrocco – one of the judges was truly impressed with some of the videos submitted.
Only 7 teams proceeded to the next round.

Round 2 – AIM (Relay Race)
This round can be said to be the highlight of the whole competition because it was an on-field challenge. For this round, the 7 chosen teams will have to apply the knowledge and skills about logistics and supply chain to go to real warehouse and collect all of the goods required. After that, they will face challenges to carry their goods to the final destination. What made this round of The Logisticom 2015 especially meaningful was that the destination was a charity house for elderly.
Round 2 was memorable and emotional experience for all the 7 teams and our organizing team. It was extremely difficult for the judges to choose 5 teams to continue to Round 3.


Round 3 – FIRE (Pitching)
The last round was a pitch competition. Before the finale, contestants had to visit a warehouse to detect a situation assigned by Damco then work together to research and find the suitable solution. The 5 teams would present their suggested solution to the judges.

Premium was the first team to present, therefore, they were a bit nervous. However, the support from audience successfully encouraged them to be more confident and finish their presentation. K7WIN, SIB, G.O.D, YOLO then continued respectively. The finale was truly a heated match. The audience was considerably attentive and gave many difficult questions.

The winner of The Logisticom 2015 is YOLO team. Their solution for the case impressed the judges with its creativeness. The 1st runner-up is G.O.D and 2nd runner-up is SIB.