The Logisticom is a playground for teams of undergraduates to overcome the obstacles and self-evaluate knowledge and practical skills on Logistics and Supply Chain Management field at a nationwide level.

Established in 2014 with the pursuit of “Fuel the world’s motions” spirit, the competition is held by RMIT Vietnam Business Club, aiming to provide students with many opportunities to approach this major which is quite new and promising in Vietnam. The contest equips the young generation with opportunities to cooperate on real-life cases and enrich their experience through creative and exciting challenges.


Our vision is to be the top nationwide competition in Logistics and Supply Chain Management industry that provides learning opportunities for Vietnamese students.


Our mission is to provide a unique and innovative platform that creates and delivers outstanding values to thrive in the industry such as networking, insights, practical experience for our participants and partners.


-2nd runner up (2 prizes): 5 Million VND + TD Group Scholarship 50% + KKDay Voucher 1 Million VND

-Champion: 35 Million VND + CEL Consulting Scholarship up to 1350 USD + KKDay Voucher 1 Million VND

-1st runner up: 10 Million VND + TD Group Scholarship 50% + KKDay Voucher 1 Million VND

*Top 5 winners will also from have a chance to receive special gifts from The Logisticom Organizers.

**1350 USD Scholarship from CEL Consulting will bring you a chance to experience valuable short-term courses including Holistic Procurement, Logistics Tender Management and Best Practice in Logistics & Distribution Management, each course has values from 200 USD.

***TD Group provides opportunity to take part in valuable course “Exports – Logistics”


Round 1: Idea Development

For the first round, teams (3 – 5 members) will attempt to create a video describing the background of a local company (located in Vietnam) and an innovation it has recently carried out in terms of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Then teams are required to compare the performance of the company before and after it has implemented the innovation along with the competitive advantages that innovation has brought about. The length of the video is 3 minutes (+/-30s).

Contestants are expected to investigate a company’s supply chain and get the opportunities to understand what kind of innovation is currently utilized in real life.

Note: The video must be in:

English, subtitle Vietnamese

Vietnamese, subtitle English

English, subtitle English

The subtitle should use readable font, size, and colour.

For more information about Round 1 Video Instruction, please follow this link.

For details about Marking Criteria, click here.

Round 2: Process Optimization

After the first round is over, 9 best teams from different universities will be chosen to participate in round 2 of The Logisticom 2018, which covers two areas: Procurement and Warehouse. On the first day, each team will need to overcome Purchasing challenge in different markets in Ho Chi Minh City. There will be a designated location for the contestant to reach and deliver a list of needed items in a provided time. On the second day, contestants will get to experience a complete warehouse process from receiving, checking, storing to shipping goods.

At the end of the round, the goods will be transferred from the warehouse to the charity place with the help of every team. The contestants are expected to complete all the challenges simulating realistic situations in Supply Chain Management. They will be evaluated based on their flexibility, adaptation, and reaction to challenges by organizers at every stage.

Round 3: Technology Enablement (Presentation and Pitching)

The top five teams from the previous round will compete in the final stage where they have to deal with a real-life case study. Teams are required to build up an innovation plan to achieve a specific goal using technology and then show it through the means of an executive summary and a presentation.

The contestants will have an opportunity not only to develop their own plan and receive feedback from industry professionals but also to observe plans of others. Their grades for this round will be assessed via the way they answer questions from the judges, professors, and other finalists. The top three winners will be awarded based on their cumulative results of Round 2 and 3.