The Logisticom 2015’s Ambassadors

After one month of operation, The Logisticom finally found 15 precious ambassadors for the competition.

With two phases, the process of searching for the right ambassadors required both the candidates to apply with fully-provided CV and to be through personal interview. The purpose for having ambassadors is to help organizer can get in touch easily with the contestants from different universities in Vietnam. Therefore, the ambassadors play an important role to build connections between the organizer and the contestants and providing information or supporting during the contest. Also, ambassadors can gain valuable experience in team-working and knowledge about Logistics and Supply Chain.

We are proud to have 15 ambassadors who are fully qualified to join us in our journey in hosting this competition The Logisticom 2015 to be a successful one!

There are 5 ambassadors representing the active and developing Da Nang City, along with 10 ambassadors from HCMC and Hanoi. The ambassadors have shown the passion and enthusiasm for the The Logisticom 2015.

So, welcome on board – our AMBASSADORS!