The competition is open for Undergraduates or Fresh Graduates (people who graduate in 2018) ONLY.

Contestants cannot participate in the competition alone but in a team composed of from 3 to 5 members. If you cannot form any team OR your team is lack of member(s), please leave the information of yours (and your teammates) so we can help you make a team of your own.

One contestant can only be in ONE competing team.

Participants in one team can come from DIFFERENT universities or colleges.

A team will be considered to represent for a university which the majority of members comes from.

Participants who proceeded to the finale of The Logisticom 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 cannot participate in The Logisticom 2018.

The Logisticom 2018’s ambassadors and organizers as well as The Logisticom 2017’s organizers cannot take part in the contest.


No fees necessary for entering the competition.

No more than one team from a single university campus will be allowed to pass into the final round as there is a double elimination from 4 judges in Round 1.

All material submitted must be participants’ own work and must not be under the submission of other competitions. Any duplication of outside sources must be referenced properly to avoid plagiarism.

The Organizing Team, RMIT Vietnam Business Club, sponsors and RMIT reserve the right to use all entries, photographs, and other submitted material without the permission of the entrants.

The Organizing Team cannot be held responsible for entries lost, delayed, mislaid or any technical failure of online submission. A confirmation email will be sent if a team’s submission for every round is successful.

In no event shall contest entities be responsible hereunder for any incidental, consequential, special, or indirect damages, even if contest entities have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

The Organizing Team reserves the right to prohibit entry or exclude from the competition teams who we believe to be abusing the rules and regulations listed above.

These rules are subject to change without notice.

By entering this contest, you accept the terms herein and agree to be bound by the rules and regulations listed above. Entrants further agree to be bound by the decisions of the judging panel and the Organizing Team, which shall be final and binding in all respects.



Contestants need to follow the steps:
– Step 1: Fill in the registration form
– Step 2: Make a video describing the background of a local company (located in Vietnam) and an innovation it has recently carried out in terms of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

– 27/11/2018: Individual and Incomplete Team Final Registration
– 29/11/2018: Full Team (3-5 people) Final Registration
– 09/12/2018: Final Date For Round 1 Video Submission at 10 P.M

– Videos must relate to every aspects mentioned above. Any video does not meet the basic requirements such as being in the wrong format, excessing 3:30, not having complete subtitle or audio will be disqualified.

– Videos must be original. Reference list must be included in the videos for credit of reliability (simple reference is listing links used to get the information. Harvard referencing style is recommended). Any plagiarized videos will be disqualified.

– Videos must be understandable for all audiences (both experts and non-experts) because it will be judged by your peers who may not have foundation in logistics or supply chain management.

– Videos should have high display resolution for the best evaluation result.

– The content of the video should be both entertaining and informative.

– Any team found with cheating or hacking conduct will be disqualified.

– Videos must be named:
TheLogisticom2018_Team Name_Company Name
– Contestants have to to upload videos on Google Drive by their own accounts, and sent (with shareable link and editable access) to email address: thelogisticom.rmitbc@gmail.com
– The time of submission is the time the mail is received.
– Any late submission will not be considered.

– One video will be marked by 2 judges, one from academy and the other from industry.
– Here is the list of the organizations who will be the judges for Round 1.
+ CEL Consulting
+ RMIT University
+ Scommerce
+ Anheuser-Busch InBev
+ Unilever
+ Uncle Bills

– Public evaluation (10%):
Videos will be uploaded to The Logisticom’s Facebook page and The Logisticom’s website for public voting which accounts for 10% of the total mark.

*Note: The number of likes on Youtube or other social media channels/networking sites will not be counted.
– Content evaluation (90%):
Videos will be assigned randomly to 2 judges. Each judge will base on the same marking rubric and mark their assigned videos.

9 teams will be chosen to proceed into Round 2 and their names will be announced on The Logisticom’s official Facebook page, website, and email. There will be 8 teams with the highest scores and they must come from different university or campus.
– One team with the highest Public Valuation whose Content Evaluation is greater than 70% (70/90) is also eligible for Round 2 regardless of their university or location. If the first highest-scored team cannot satisfy the requirement of Content evaluation, the next highest-scored team will be considered. When no team is qualified, this slot will be given for the team with ninth highest score.

VOTING STARTS: 11/12/2018 – 17/12/2018