The Logisticom 2016’s Highlights

After nearly 4 months running, The Logisticom 2016 officially approached its end. Let’s take a look at memorable milestones that we have been through.

The competition kicks off with the nationwide Ambassador recruitment. The Logisticom 2016 is proud to welcome 13 energetic ambassadors joining our team, with 1 from Hanoi, 1 from Da Nang City and 11 from Ho Chi Minh City.

Booth at Vietnam Supply Chain (VSC) Young Talent Training Camp in the middle of May marked the very first appearance of The Logisticom 2016.

In the beginning of June, marketing booths were launched. Our booth’s destinations are 4 universities in HCMC (FTU, FPT, BUH, RMIT).





Information Day was held successfully at RMIT University with over 100 participants. Some highlights in this event are the panel discussion about “Green Logistics” - this year’s topic and networking session after main event.

Round 1: Video Making

Teams are required to produce a video maximum 5 minutes in length about Green Logistics and Supply Chain. Organizing team is happy to receive a large number of videos submitted from several different teams, not only in Ho Chi Minh City but also in Ha Noi and Da Nang.

Only 7 teams with the highest total result move on to the next round. And our top 7 is Skylight, IULOG, 4T2L, MOCITSIGOL, 5G, Dr. Grin and LEAN.

Round 2: Relay Race

Round 2 can be said to be the highlight of the whole competition because it is a practical challenge. For this round, the 7 chosen teams will have to apply the knowledge and skills about logistics and supply chain to go to real warehouse and collect all of the required goods and carry their goods to the final destination. Besides that, they will face different challenges along the way. Contestants have to work out a sound plan that satisfies all requirements not only in terms of time but also in cost management, product quality, coordination and carbon

Footprint. What makes this round of The Logisticom 2016 particularly meaningful is that the charity event taking place after all challenges are completed.

Round 2 is memorable and emotional experiences for all the 7 teams and our organizing team. It is extremely hard for the judges to select 5 teams to proceed to Round 3. And 5 besteam. It is extremely hard for the judges to select 5 teams to proceed to Round 3. Finally, 5 best teams are Skylight, 4T2L, MOCITSIGOL, Dr. Grin and LEAN.

Round 3: Pitching & Grand Finale

The last round is a pitching competition. Before the finale, contestants have to choose one case which they want to work on and then visit their chosen warehouse to detect a situation assigned by Decathlon and ISA Tan Tec. After that, they will work together to research and find the suitable solution towards the case study. 5 teams would present their suggested solution in front of judges.

5G is the first presentation team so they were a bit nervous. However, the encouragement from audience stimulates them to be more confident and finish their proposed solution. Then Skylight, 4T2L, MOCITSIGOL and LEAN continue respectively. The grand finale is truly a heated match. Many difficult questions are given by panel of judges.

Ultimately, the champion of The Logisticom 2016 goes to Skylight team. Their given solution impressed the judges with its feasibility and creativity also. The 1st runner-up is LEAN and 2nd runner-up is MOCITSIGOL.

So another season of The Logisticom comes to an end. It is genuinely a memorable journey. As the organizer of The Logisticom, RMIT Vietnam Business Club would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the contestants for your passion, effort and dedication to the competition. We hope that The Logisticom will not be just a playground but also a place for you to experience and learn new things.

To the generous sponsors of The Logisticom 2016, we really appreciate your support in providing a helpful playground for young talents in Logistics and Supply Chain to develop their knowledge and potential in the field.

The Logisticom 2016 has ended but let’s look forward to the next better and more interesting seasons.

Goodbye and see you in The Logisticom 2017!

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