Round 1: DAILY LIVES - Video Making

Create a Video in 5 (+-30s) minutes to describe the supply chain with safety practice(s) of a local/ daily product.

The video must be in:

  • English, subtitle Vietnamese.
  • Vietnamese, subtitle English.
  • English, subtitle English.

Note: candidates are required to choose a product from one specific brand. (That brand can be in small scale).

This round is to help candidates understand the supply chain of a local or daily product that exists around you. You can choose a local-scaled, national or international brand to be presented in your video. In your supply chain, you must illustrate at least one safety practice.

For more detail description, click Here

The Marking Criteria & Deduction is Here

Round 2: THE HUNTING VENTURE - Relay Race

In the Relay Race, 9 teams will have to apply their knowledge and skills about Logistics and Supply Chain to collect all of the goods required. Throughout this round, participants will face challenges carrying the goods under various requirements to the final destination and do charity there.

There will be a training session before the Relay Race in which the selected teams will be introduced about the logistic process.

6 teams with the highest result will move on to the Final Round.

Round 3: THE SOLUTIONISTS - Presentations & Pitching

The finalists will have to solve real case studies provided by the Organizing Team, then prepare a presentation to the judges on the team’s ideas and implementation plan.

Top 6 will be visiting factories before Round 3 takes place. Participants then have to work together to research and find the most viable option to the problem identified.

☆☆☆ In each round, there will be a workshop to provide contestants with essential information and knowledge.

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